That time I didn’t have enough time to post about Lent…

Funny story.

I’m talking on the phone last week to Rachel, my girlfriend (who lives 1800 miles away at the moment) about lent, and when she asks me what I’m giving up I stutter, worry a little, and say I have’t thought enough about it, and don’t have time, but I should give something up because that’s what people do, and I’m all about self improvement, and being a better human being, and I’m a pastor now and I shouldn’t ask my congregants to do something I’m not doing, and….

She stopped me, and said something like “maybe you should give up taking things on for lent.” In her explanation, she pointed to the way in which I’m always questioning how I live my life, how I worry about not being good enough, how I stress over always wanting to change myself and be better.

She said “maybe for Lent, you should ‘let go and let God.'”

It doesn’t take me very long to realize she’s right. And so, me Lenten discipline is simple: let go of things.

On Wednesday morning, when I got into the church office, after a little bit of searching, I found some yarn in the pre-school crafts closet, and now, around my wrist there is a piece of yarn that I put there to remind myself not to take things as seriously, to let go of stressful things, and to trust that God loves me, no matter what.

And if you think that’s not enough of a Lenten discipline you weren’t around the church office last week.

note: I will not write “Let go and let God” anywhere on my body, nor will I wear anything that says “let go and let God.” I am not a Hallmark card.



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